Having years of experience in designing and constructing complicated projects, we offer our clients different and complete options for construction and renovation, which meets the clients’ needs and which are executed within high standards of quality, fast delivery time, creativity, emphasis on a fine aesthetic result and all of that at the lowest possible cost. What can we do for you?

Our services and activities include:
• Project design and drawings, interior design and decoration
• 3D photorealistic modeling
• Complete residence and professional spaces constructions and renovations
• Individual space renovation (kitchen or bathroom remodeling)
• “Turn key solution” services
• Decoration of interior and exterior spaces
• Technical solutions – structure repairs
• Construction supervision and Project Management

Each project follows a certain process:

Initial Consultation

Contact us and book an appointment. We will come to your place, free of charge, and we will discuss what you need. A plan of your space will be made and we will suggest practical solutions and ideas for the renovation, something which is necessary for the further study and design of the project, an agreeable budget and the construction.

Planning and Design

Since we know how important a beautiful home or a unique and special professional space is for every one of us, we provide a full scale program with each stage of construction, until its completion. Our team of experienced engineers study and design all the necessary plans before the beginning of the construction. Being always in constant contact with you, we find what is most agreeable to you.

Project Costing & Quotations

The low cost and the quality of construction are fundamental to us for the completion of a project. After the finalization of the study and before the beginning of the construction, we do the project costing and we provide you with an economic proposal. It is essential both for us and our clients to know exactly the total cost of the project from the beginning.

Construction - Decoration

After the approval of plans and financial quotation, we proceed with the construction and actualization of the project, always supervised by civil engineers. Thus, the project is completed on time, with the lowest cost and within the finest standards. With the “Turn Key Solutions”, which means that you do not have to take care of anything, we create the space of your dreams, promptly and responsibly. We can also offer interior design services.

Construction Management

Due to our flexible services we can satisfy the needs of all our clients. We offer construction and renovation services and we undertake each step of the construction, from the first study, the preparation and the economic supervision up to the actualization and completion of the project.

Kitchen Remodeling

We can undertake complex designing and remodeling projects for your kitchen, so that it completely suits your personal style and preferences.. We are able to help you make small changes to your kitchen or undertake its complete renovation, changing the plumbing and electrical installations, the tiles, the floor, the removal and fitting of a new oven and generally everything you ask us to, or anything we consider crucial for making it functional.

Bathroom Remodeling

We offer services of remodeling and renovation of your bathroom. We design it according to your needs and we perform removals, new plumbing and electrical installations, the supply, fitting of new tiles and sanitary products, choosing from a wide variety of stylish modern materials.

Individual works

We undertake every kind of individual works and small scale renovations, such as plumbing and electrical installations works, paintworks, flooring (tiles and wooden floors) or generally works in your whole space or just on individual rooms. Anything that will transform your space into a beautiful, stylish, modern and functional one.